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SaSaPhotos was founded by Sheryl Aronson and Sherman Alford, a creative team who discovered they had the same initials soon after a romantic relationship developed. Their love of photography, a result of the pandemic, intensified as the couple began photographing the beautiful southern California scenery.  

Staff members of Schmooze Jazz Magazine, a magazine that covers the jazz/contemporary jazz scene in Southern California, SasaPhotos has been photographing and interviewing musicians from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Sheryl Aronson, an award-winning entertainment journalist/photographer for Agenda Magazine that features her entertainment blog (column)“Arting Around” is also the Senior Editor/photographer/writer for Schmooze Jazz Magazine that includes articles and videos of contemporary jazz musicians. She has won numerous awards for her print articles that include features on artists such as actress Lea Thompson; film director, Kasi Lemmons, and Grammy winning artist, Melissa Manchester.

Aronson’s memoir, Passing Myself Down to the Grave, A Woman’s Rise from Darkness, published in June 2018, received some rave reviews and describes her spiritual/emotional journey surviving breast cancer.

She has been a Marriage, Family Therapist for over 30 years, specializes in relationships and self-esteem for women. She has a private practice in North Hollywood, South Orange County and San Diego and was featured on the Montel Williams Show and The Berman Sister’s television show in connection with her work. Her articles on relationships have appeared in Agenda Magazine, Orange County Metropolitan Awareness magazine and Beach Cities/Valley magazine. 

Sherman Alford, who owned and managed restaurants in Belize before moving to the United States, is a photographer and videographer for SasaPhotos, a full- service studio located in Los Angeles where he specializes in portrait and event photography. In addition, he is a website developer, promoting various online retail businesses.

We will customize your special events, individual and family portraits, and the artist’s tailored needs with our unique services of your choice with our studio and outdoor photography, interviews, articles and videos.