On Friday February 14, 2020, at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre, Boney James, Will Downing, and Rebecca Jade performed at the “Annual Lovers and Friends Valentine’s Day Concert,” produced by Rainbow Promotions. Before the main show, the evening kicked off with a Pre-Show Dinner VIP Package, featuring the music of Bryan Thompson on sax. Radio personality (94.7 TheWave), Pat Prescott hosted the evening festivities. (All images photographed by Sheryl Aronson sasaphotos.)

The concert opened with the exquisite Rebecca Jade, who was dressed in a red and black polka dot bodice outfit perfect for the occasion, launched her set with expressive, soulful vocals, setting the romantic tone for the evening.  In her rendition of “For the Love of You,” she invited the audience to sing the chorus, while she swayed back and forth to the rhythm. Love floated over the crowd, setting the perfect tone for the Valentine’s concert.

Performing next was the suave Will Downing who is deemed “The Prince of Sophisticated Soul.” Downing’s sultry delivery of the classic R&B song “Send For Me,” was gripping.  everyone was entranced by his impassioned vocals and storytelling. Changing tempos with an original, “Everything I Want in My Lady,” Will Downing energized the hall. Standing elegantly, song after song flowed effortlessly from Downing’s smooth baritone voice . . . yet another Valentine’s Day gift to the audience.

Topping off the celebration of love was the four-time Grammy-nominated Boney James, who was decked out in his usual all black. He mesmerized the audience by playing many of his hits. In return, the audience chanted, “Go Boney, Go Boney.” DW3 added a soulful touch, while backing up Boney James on vocals. Boney led a choreographed dance with the bass and guitar player as DW3 mirrored his steps.