Keiko Matsui: Journey to the Heart

Keiko Matsui is forever crafting the templates of her music. She is an artist who paints poetic melodies on the piano, while combining her precise classical chops with the mystical, sensual flavor of jazz; and spiced with an overtone of a Japanese haiku spirit. As a true artist, Keiko is always searching for new dimensions of expression. A deeply spiritual person, she lives by allowing the divine to guide her. Keiko’s philosophy of life permeates everything she touches, and that’s what makes the music that flows from her fingers uplift the spirits of her audience.

“I receive a song. I wait in front of the piano and don’t play; then a whole melody emerges, dropping the notes and reflecting my soul.” –Keiko Matsui

Once again, Keiko Matsui creates divine music as she goes on a new musical odyssey on her acoustic album titled Journey to The Heart. The musicians that join Keiko Matsui are bassist Carlitos Del Puerto, drummer Jimmy Branly, guitarist Ramon Stagnero, percussionist Luis Quintero, harmonica player Gregoire Maret, and JP Mourão (who plays additional guitar on “Carnival”).

(By Sheryl Aronson and Mikey Adam Cohen)